Term of Services

Terms of Service

This is an agreement between you or the entity that you represent and TOGO teams.

What’s covered in these terms

Service provider
TOGO services are provided by, and you’re contracting with: TOGO Teams

Age requirements

All the legal deals between you and TOGO teams will be signed only if you are above the legal age to be bound by terms and conditions of TOGO services. In case if you are under legal age your guardian or parents will be bound by TOGO teams of tervices so please read with them.

Parts of this Agreement

This Agreement consists of the following terms and conditions (hereinafter the “General Terms”) and terms and conditions, if any, specific to use of individual Services (hereinafter the “Service Specific Terms”). The General Terms and Service Specific Terms are collectively referred to as the “Terms”. In the event of a conflict between the General Terms and Service Specific Terms, the Service Specific Terms shall prevail.

Acceptance of the Terms

You must be of legal age to enter into a binding agreement in order to accept the Terms. Please use the TOGO product with due agreement and if you do not agree with terms and condition of TOGO teams; please don’t avail the services of TOGO teams.You can accept the Terms by checking a checkbox or clicking on a button indicating your acceptance of the terms or by actually using the Services.

Description of Service

Our services includes variety of online services ranging from development of a website, Database ,customs web application ,Android application and others online solutions.

Modification of Terms of Service

In case of modification of terms of services business clients will be informed through proper communication channels before 30 days. And other than specified terms to be treated as the same. This modification will be solely focused on mutual benefits of clients and TOGO teams. In case of disagreement claim to be raised within 10 days of communication.

Organization Accounts and Administrators

When you sign up for an account for your organization you may specify one or more administrators. The administrators will have the right to configure the Services based on your requirements and manage end users in your organization account. If your organization account is created and configured on your behalf by a third party, it is likely that such third party has assumed administrator role for your organization. Make sure that you enter into a suitable agreement with such third party specifying such party’s roles and restrictions as an administrator of your organization account.

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